How to Select the Right Packaging Company

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Do you know what a great packaging company can do for your business? It can make a world of difference to the successful launch of your product, as well as the perception by your customers in regard to your reliability and dependability as a vendor. Your sales can skyrocket and ROI can improve as a result of good packaging. These companies can even come up with transformative ideas that can surpass your expectations. Flexible packaging is among the massively growing solutions, especially in the plastics industry. Instead of using expensive boxes glass jars, and other rigid containers, flexible packaging offers innovation, durability, and significantly increased brand awareness.  Additionally, flexible packaging utilizes between 15 and 25 times less volume than its rigid counterpart – resulting in tremendous savings during transport!  

Did you know? One truckload of empty (flat) flexible pouches is equivalent to 15-25 truckloads of empty rigid containers!

Many factors go into choosing the right packaging company, so avoid making this a knee jerk reaction. The most important factor is related to product quality and effectiveness of the package. Put simply, this means whether or not the package will be fit for purpose, ensuring your product stays as fresh as possible for as long as possible. Often times companies cut corners at their customer’s expense, have lacking or nonexistent quality control procedures, are not familiar with the highly engineered barrier films used in making the flexible laminates or the gusset styles that give pouches stability and make them stand up as needed. For example, products that emit more odor might require a metalized film layer in the laminate structure. Or, products that are dense and heavy might require a “plow” bottom gusset if packaged in a stand up pouch – a package in which there’s no bottom seal so that the product’s weight itself provides structural rigidity. Make sure your packaging supplier has the ability to select and custom manufacture your package that meets your specifications. The second most important element of consideration is service. Service reflects a supplier’s level of commitment to the customer’s success. Good packaging companies have their interests aligned with those of their customers, since a client that doesn’t do well won’t be returning for repeat business. Packaging companies that achieve customer satisfaction generally do so by maintaining a laser focus to key details in addition to just the packaging’s functional efficacy. Attention to detail, such as the graphics, colors, and overall “feel” of the package (e.g. gloss, matte, or spot gloss external finish), have overwhelming influence on brand awareness, which ultimately is the deal maker or breaker in terms of whether the product sells. Make sure your supplier understands how careful planning during the pre-production stage can result in benefits that aren’t immediately intuitive, such as savings in cylinder costs or a printed color that better matches the plan. Next, you want to consider the packaging company’s size and capacity. Has your packager worked on orders both small and large in volume? Does the company have the ability to scale and grow with your business? You want to ensure your packaging is perfect and consistent whether you run 10,000 units or 1,000,000. Inconsistency can be detrimental to packaging supply chains, and realizing you’ve got 20% of your run off spec can be catastrophic when you’ve got orders to fulfill and store-shelves to stock. Finally, it’s obviously important your packaging supplier has your budget and price point in consideration. In the modern world, opportunities such as outsourced manufacturing and strategically lowered overheads result in cost savings that can be passed along to the customer – you. Give due consideration to all these variables and hopefully you will avert any surprises that lay ahead on your quest for finding the best packaging company., a division of APBA Global, Inc., is an industry leader in the consumer packaged goods space supplying a variety of flexible packaging products. For years, the company has been helping brands tap into their potential through innovative, sustainable, and cost effective packaging. As the top online flexible packaging company, aims to be not just another packaging supplier but rather a trusted partner with all clients.

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