Child Resistant Pouches / Exit Bags

Our proprietary Child Resistant Pouch is a stand up display package with a bottom gusset, ideal for storing a range of products not suitable for children. They can be used as either an exit bag (i.e. exit packaging at pharmacies or dispensaries) or as a direct storage container.

These bags are manufactured out of four layers of plastic film and aluminum foil, comprising a 6-mil thick laminate with extreme barrier characteristics that’s particularly effective in preventing odor and oxygen ingress.

Featured on all of our child resistant pouches is a slider zipper with a proprietary locking mechanism that meets child resistant specifications as outlined in ASTM D3475. With a white exterior color and matte surface finish, the bags are superior in functionality as well as aesthetics.

Perfect for packaging: medications, diabetic supplies, toxic substances, small needles or other sharp objects, medicinal or recreational pharmaceuticals, and more.

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