Why Our Pouches?

Because we're the real deal!

We aren't another reseller, third-party distributor, or just any wholesaler - we manufacture all of our own pouches using the thickest laminates physically possible for each size and style. This means that all products available here are custom engineered to deliver the barrier properties and extreme puncture resistance your products deserve. All films used in manufacture are FDA-grade and approved for contact with food, beverage, and drug products.

Unlike most other suppliers, all our clear laminates have a nylon layer - this includes our "All Clear" and "Vista" pouch lineup. What's the advantage? Nylon is known to be exceptionally resistant to tears and punctures. Our lab testing has found OPA (Nylon) film to have a normalized impact puncture resistance of more than two-fold greater than traditional polyester (PET) film. 

Additionally, we've customized all non-windowed stand up pouches, including Kraft Bags, to include an aluminum foil layer in between. This virtually eliminates the harmful effects of gas, moisture, and oxygen ingress - all things that cause products to go stale or rot prematurely.