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How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake Food and Beverage Startups Make When Pitching to Major Retailers

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In the hyper-competitive landscape of retail food and beverage, challenges are ubiquitous for buyers and food manufacturers alike. For retail buyers, continually selecting new products that will consistently sell in the longer term requires both expedient yet accurate assessments. On the flip side, brand owners must stand out against the plethora of other companies that are actively pitching or already selling on store shelves. Coming up with the hottest new product is only the first step on the road to success for food entrepreneurs. Getting over the “hump” requires a mass distribution channel, which translates to getting picked up by...

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How to Select the Right Packaging Company

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Do you know what a great packaging company can do for your business? It can make a world of difference to the successful launch of your product, as well as the perception by your customers in regard to your reliability and dependability as a vendor. Your sales can skyrocket and ROI can improve as a result of good packaging. These companies can even come up with transformative ideas that can surpass your expectations. Flexible packaging is among the massively growing solutions, especially in the plastics industry. Instead of using expensive boxes glass jars, and other rigid containers, flexible packaging offers...

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Why Use a Degassing Valve?

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Have you ever noticed the rigid circular button-like object at the center of certain pouches and flexible bags? It's called a one-way degassing valve, often used on fermented food and coffee packaging. Typically made out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the degassing valve's purpose is to periodically allow gas to exit out from the inside of the package when the internal pressure exceeds a certain (small) value. As the name implies, air cannot flow from the outside inwards (because it's a "one way" valve), resulting in an airtight seal to keep the internal contents fresh. How does it work? When the internal pressure is below a...

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A Leader in Flexible Packaging

Coffee Packaging Food Packaging is a leader in the flexible packaging industry, offering a variety of customized products including stand up pouches, flat pouches, side gusseted bags, and customized rollstock. We can help you hit the ground running with your packaging project whether you are just getting started or require a rush order of an existing package to help fill orders. Our in-house graphics team can help you create artwork from scratch or assist with only final pre-press work to ensure you get that perfect print. Additionally, we are able to store your completed packaging products in our Texas warehouse for a just-in-time...

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